Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why is it....

It has been 6 months since my daughter died....why in the crap do I start all my blogs out that way. Right from the start, i am negative. Guess it works out perfect, because that's what God has put on my heart.

I wanna just purge about some stuff that God put on my heart while I was mowing my lawn just now.

Why it is....

Why is it, that if we were in a life and death situation, and someone came and saved our life. We would be so grateful to them, even after we found out they were just released from prison for murder, we would still be grateful to them. They saved our lives, that's all that matters to us. So why is it, that Jesus saved our lives for eternity, and we are grateful, but in bad times.....that's not enough. See the murderer we don't care about the bad stuff....we are just elated to be alive, we are not even concentrating on the bad stuff. But, with God, He gave His only son to die for our sins, and in the hard times of our lives....that's not enough. Why is it, that we hold onto and grasp tightly, never letting go of the bad things that happen in our lives to the point that we are blind to the good things in our lives. See for me I am realizing this now. No matter how many things in my life are going "Bad" (I put that in quotations, because we only THINK they are bad to us, because they are not what we would like for them to be) So, no matter how many things in our lives are not going they way we would like to think they should be going.....things in our lives could always be worse. I lost my little 14 month old daughter to a horrible accident at home, BUT I know a family that is morning the loss of their 14 month old son, that died from the father backing over him...I also know a family that lost their child, then exactly one year later lost their other child. NOW, I tell you, my life could be MUCH worse. Why do I say this, because no matter how bad our lives seemed to be going, things could be much much worse....lost your job, rejoice you still have your house; lost your house, rejoice you still have your health; got diagnosed with cancer, rejoice you still have your family....though all these things SUCK BAD!!! There are still things we have in our lives that we have to be thankful for...just when you think you have nothing to be thankful for....Take A Look At The Cross, See the empty grave, and rejoice you still have a God that loves you.

Why is it....

We all fall short of the Glory of God, we are all "Free" in ways that we never should have been, we are all sinners, but yet we think that we are better than others. Why is that? Does it make you better than another, because you make more money?? Does it make you better than another, because you drive a nicer car?? Does it make you better than another, because your house is in a richer neighborhood?? Does it make you better than another, because you don't have to buy groceries with food stamps?? Does it make you better than another, because you have a lighter skin tone than another?? Does it make you better than another, because you have a higher education?? Here is the biggest news flash that God has put on my heart. I am better than no man, because we are all sinners. We ALL fall short of His Glory....and because we all are just trying to do the best we can with what we have been blessed with, no matter how much or how little. So just love each other for who we are, and give each other grace for our faults, and fall downs

Why is it...
People with authority let it go straight to there head?? If you are the leader or a boss of something anything, realize it doesn't make you better, it makes you the leader, that's it!!! What is the best way to lead?? By example!!! How can we be good leaders?? Humbling ourselves, to realize that we are not better than the men and woman that we lead, we are simply in charge of the movement, what ever your movement is. Your in charge of it, if you are the boss, your not better than the others. Your just in charge of them, responsible for them, required to teach them, lead them, nourish them with your knowledge of the movement. But your definitely not better than anyone, and the second you think you are, is the exact same second you have lost your troops. Then who will you be better than then??? Yourself??

In closing I say these things, cause they were on my heart, and to remind myself....I am better than no man, and not matter how crazy my life gets, I always have SOMETHING to look at and be thankful for.


I thank you for speaking to my heart, crazy when you talk to me, while mowing the grass, but thank you for the pep talk, i needed it Father. God I wanna take this time to thank you...thank you for my life, my life, and my family. Father, though it is so hard I thank you for the passing of my little girl, with out that Father I would not be where I am right now. Which is right where you want me, seeking your guidance hourly, Father, for this I thank you. God I pray for my church that you allow me to serve you at, I pray for the staff, and I pray for all of our volunteers. Father, I pray for each and every person out there hurting, and held back from everything you have for them, because of hurts, habits, and hangups. Father, I pray for all the members of Celebrate Recovery, may they seek you for their strength, courage, wisdom, and honor. God I pray you continue to bless me with the tools necessary to bring your children into a loving relationship with you. Father, I love you, I thank you, and I know I am nothing with out you.

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