Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Been fighting it for awhile now, but I gotta tell you a little bit about someone that has help direct, mold, and grow my walk with God, and he probably doesn't even know it.....

I first met @shaunking(his twitter handle), or as I know him, and was introduced to him as Shaun. Anyways, I first met Shaun at Morehouse College, where he was a graduate and saw a need there. He saw a need for some Godly guidance in the young men of Morehouse College, and he acted. He didn't have all the particulars worked out for the function that he was putting on, but he had the call on his heart, to do something. So he did, and that is where we met. I met him as I was working alongside my church to give Shaun all the A/V resources we had for his "function." We set up all the audio and visual resources we had, and I couldnt help but sit back and feel the Holy Spirit convicting me through Shaun. Not to take away anything from Shaun, but he was just a regular dude, he was a 28 at the time(I think). He was there with his wife, his kids, his brother, and his church volunteers. He wasn't anything big, but that's just it, it wasn't about him. It wasnt about his church, it wasn't about fame, or notoriety to his church. It was about praising, and glorifying the God that saved him through Jesus Christ, and all he wanted to do was to tell anyone, everyone....about "The One." That convicted me. Cause I thought to myself, who was I, how can I make a difference. I'm nobody. But, God has shown me through Shaun, that it only takes one person to tell anybody, about that one somebody that changed their life, Jesus. Not caring what it looks like, or sounds like, not caring how perfect it is, see God has shown me through Shaun that, He doesn't want to be impressed by me or my "doings". But that He simply wants to be trusted by me. God wants me to have undying trust in, that was huge for me. So, for me, Shaun not caring about specifics, and just caring about the call on his life to serve God, and spread his love, and word. Shaun ability to listen for God to speak to him, act on His call, then trust in God to show up, that was huge for me.

We finished up that night on a high for Jesus, and Shaun and I became pretty good friends. In my short walk with Christ, I have met, and have been influenced by quite a few Godly men. So what made Shaun different for me?? I am glad you asked that question.

I kept in contact with Shaun as months rolled on. He had just started his church a couple of months before we met. His church meets in Downtown Atlanta, and is doing amazing things for God. But this isn't what has made a huge impact on my walk with God. No. It isn't the way he guides his church. After a few months went by, Atlanta got hit, and HIT HARD by trecherous rain downfall. Just pouring rain, and some spots in Atlanta had MAJOR flooding, I'm talking up to the roof line flooding. Churches flooded all the way to the steeple, schools completly drowning in water. People lost EVERYTHING, and there was a cry out for help. A cry for help that was so loud, so deafening, but yet so silent. It was the cry of God's children. A cry you can only hear in your heart. A cry I heard in my heart, a cry Shaun heard in his heart. We had to do something. So Shaun starting doing what he does. Shaun's last name is King, but he is the "King", the king of rallying the "Hands and Feet" of the body of Christ, through High-Tech means. Shaun's blog is called "" and on it has a picture of "Superman", I think it represents him, "Superman" of the internet. Through twitter, facebook, his blog, and his website, I have watched Shaun rally the "Body of Christ" time and time again. Weather with or or See Shaun or @shaunking feels the call, or the cry of God's people, and he doesn't think. He acts. He doesn't speak, he acts. For the flood victims he didn't think, someone should help them, or where could he donate money to help, and he didn't look for someone who was helping God's children and link up with them or support them. No the way Shaun works, the way he answers the silent deafening cry of God's children is he acts. He acts in such an explosive, eruption of Love.....I'm not talking about lower case, bottom of the eye chart kind of love. NO, I'm talking about huge, top of the eye chart, mountain side billboard size capital letters L-O-V-E. His actions are so contagious, that everyone around him jump to his side to help the cause. This guy, goes right to the front lines, doesn't have any clue what to expect, or what to bring with him, except his "yearn." This guy has a huge closet full of yearn, this is what has caught my attention about this Godly man. Not his preaching, not his speaking, not his church, not his congregation size, nope. Though all of this is huge, that had nothing to do with what made this man make me see a reflection of Christ in him. What is it? It is his Yearn. His yearn to help, his yearn to love, his yearn to trust, yearn to guide-not with words, but with actions. This man yearns to allow others to experience the love of God through his actions. Shaun yearns to be used by God to spread this love to His children. No matter their race, age, religion, or social stature. He spreads this undying "L-O-V-E" to anyone and everyone that he comes in contact with. The saying goes "actions speak louder than words" and he gets that whole-heartedly. He doesn't tell people Jesus loves them, he doesn't tell people about God, he doesn't speak to the people lost, and hurting, dying on the inside. He shows them, shows them how much God loves them, by giving them, maybe their first experience of God's love, and grace. Weather through, fighting to the front lines of damage, flooded, destroyed, heart-broken homes, and simply hugging the crying homeowners. Through, founding, and running foundations, simply geared towards getting funds and resources to the front lines of the fight to help those in need. This man shows Godly love, by running to the silent cries, without a care, without an idea of what to do or how to help, running with simply a call, a cry, a Yearn in his heart.....then once he gets there, once he stands face to face with God's children, as they stand there comletely broken, destroyed, hopeless, and scared. He holds them up, and waits, trusting, knowing that God will show up. That's faith.

I watched Shaun, and worked side by side with him, on the front lines. But he doesn't stop there. He continues behind the scenes, on the internet rallying people, resources, funds, and love. A love so big that noone can explain it away as anything other than miraculous. This man has heard the deafening silent cry of God's children, when everyone else continues on with their lives. After the dust falls, the media leaves, and the emergency funds run out, this man is still standing there. Arms wide open, spreading unconditional Godly love to those in need. If it's flood victims, tornado victims, earthquake victims, or just those far from God, victims of this world. He is there, on the front lines, with a Yearn to spread every ounce of love he has. Not being concerned with how will we help these people, where will the help come from, where will the resources come from, where will the funds come from. No this man, has faith that he is answering a call, a cry of God's will on his life. He trusts, that where God has guided him, God will provide him. Provide, not fame, or fancy things, not even recognition, Shaun doesn't care about any of that. He cares about glorifying his maker, his redeamer, his father, by, by showing people the love of God, and then telling them about the way, the truth, and the light, Jesus Christ.

This is nothing other than, a nobody, thanking somebody, for being used by God to speak wisdom into my life, by nothing other than his actions, not his words.

Shaun thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything. Please continue to reach out to God's children and continue to be used.
Luvya bro.

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