Monday, June 15, 2009


After a couple of times asking people "What does Freedom mean to you?" The answers I got ranged from "Freedom" meant families were broken up, some family members lost their lives to preserve the "Freedom" we experience today. Also, "Freedom" meant that they had a right, both as a human, and as an American.

Most of us think about these obvious types of Freedom. They are the most prominent "Freedoms" we know of. The freedom of choice, speech, and right to bare arms. When asked about "Freedom" and what it means to you. This is what comes to mind for most of us. It did for me also, until I was reading. That is when I started this little poll. I thought, "Freedom" Hmmmm, what does it mean to me? For me, I thought about all these different avenues that we experience freedom. But for me in MY life, there is a Far greater "Freedom." A freedom that far exceeds the worldly freedoms that I spoke of earlier. I am talking about the freedom from sin, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Sacrificed on the cross by God, so that we may be free from the shortcomings of our lives, in the form of sin. My sin made me a prisoner, a POW, without freedom. The war between Good and Evil, and I was a prisoner of this war because of my guilt of sin. That was before Jesus, died on the cross for my sins, our sins, and paid that debt. Showed me a love I could not afford.

So then three years ago, I found God, He had been there all along, loving me, waiting for me, to yearn for Him, and except Him into my life. When I did, on May 1, 2006, I experienced a "Freedom" like none other. A freedom that can not be paid for, a freedom that can not be fought for, or gone ot war for. No, but a freedom that is experienced the second I entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. A freedom, from discern for the furture, a freedom from low self esteem, or doubt. Know, I had hope, I had excitment, I had freedom from worries, cause now I had Christ. I always remembered Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through, Christ who strengthens me." This scripture in itself gives us the freedom we yearn for from doubt, from concern, from worry. It doesn't give me freedom from Heartache, nothing does. It gives me a freedom from wonder, wondering if things will work out in the end. It gives me the knowledge that Good WINS in the end, everytime. A friend told me once...."Things will be okay in the End, if it is not okay, then it is not the End." With a relationship with Jesus, I have this confidence, this "Freedom" of worry in my life. Not to say that there are not hard times, or trying times. But there is a "Freedom" that I am able to have.....

A "Freedom" from doubt, doubt that I can do it. That I can do anything, that I can get through this life. No matter what life throws at me, I have a "freedom" from Jesus Christ, that tells me, "It's All Good, I got you, I am here with you, I will never foresake you, and I will prepare you for what lies ahead."

Do you know what the "Freedom" that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ feels like? No? I ask you this, what can it hurt to look into it? It can not make you chains any bigger, it can not make the things that are holding you down, keeping you back, or stopping you from persueing that life that you "Feel" you were put onto this earth to live.

So I ask you.....What does Freedom mean to you?

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